fMRI Primer

04 Scan Administration

Administering the Scan
fMRI Plan Sheets
Now that you have designed your experiment, gotten IRB approval, written your e-Prime or Presentation or MATLAB script, and gotten your subject, you are ready to go to the scanner.

1. Plan sheet: Create a plan sheet that clearly states the subject’s name, age, date, etc.
Crucial data:
TR (in milliseconds – how many to acquire a ‘whole brain’/)
Slice Thickness
Slice Separatin
Number of Slices
Number of Aquisitions
Array size
duration of run

Of all these, the most fundamentally imortant is knowing how long your @#@$@#%$%#!!! experiment is. Please recalculate this several times. Include 6 seconds at the start to allow equilibration. Then divide this by the TR. This yields the number of acquisitions you will acquire.

– For example: 30 seconds of fixation, 4 1-minute blocks subdivided into 30 seconds of emotional and 30 seconds of neutral stimuli, followed finally by 30 seconds of fixation. that equals 5 minutes + 6 seconds. = 306 seconds. Divided by a TR of 3000 milliseconds = 102 acquisitions.

TR = 3000
Acquisistions = 102
Please check this a million times!!!!!


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